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Kidney Damage Following a Car Accident in Columbus, GA

A car accident in Columbus, GA, or anywhere else is an unwanted tragedy. They can leave people depressed and injured. The worst part, they not only cause physical damage but emotional damage as well. Multiple body parts can sustain major injuries such as a face, arms, legs, and sometimes even the kidneys.

Lower body injuries are often overlooked but can result in serious issues in the future. Even an ordinary collision can harm your kidneys. That is why getting a full body checkup right after the car accident in Columbus is mandatory.

Columbus is a populous city with high crash statistics. More than 50% of the accidents occurring in the region happen in Columbus. Almost every year around 9000 people or more face minor or major crashes. These either result in long-term injuries or deaths. No matter what the situation might be, it’s harmful to the people present within the vehicle.

Along with health issues, victims have to go through financial troubles as well. Long-term injuries mean lost wages, medical bills, and never-ending visitation costs. These things strain a person and if the situation isn’t dealt with in time then the consequences can be beyond anyone’s imagination.

How a Car Accident in Columbus, GA Can Affect Your Kidneys:

Kidneys are located in the lower abdomen and filter toxins and other waste items out of the bloodstream. Without kidneys working properly, a person can face severe health issues and sometimes become dependent on dialysis. If your kidneys are damaged during a crash, it can make your life much more difficult.

Moreover, sudden abdominal trauma is very common in auto accidents. A person might be sitting freely in their car and all of a sudden another car crashes into them from the back. Due to the suddenness of the situation, your mind is unable to judge the situation and you shift forward. It puts pressure on your kidneys and might even cause ruptures.

Similarly, if someone is not wearing a seatbelt during a car accident in Columbus then there is a high chance that they might get wounded badly. Fragments of glass or broken car parts become the reason for stab wounds leading to kidney lacerations.

Kidney injuries are rated on a five-level scale. If you are at level one then it’s a minor injury. But if it’s at level 5 then the blood supply to the kidney has been completely blocked and surgery is the only way out.

Other Common Reasons Behind Kidney Damage:

Along with a car accident in Columbus, people can develop kidney issues due to slip and fall injuries as well. Maybe someone tripped on the street or fell from the stairs. The fall might not be serious but it affects their body. Small abdominal contusions or hematomas could develop near the kidney. It would hinder the kidney’s normal functionality.

Similarly, extreme sports can also cause a certain amount of problems for your lower body. Football, basketball, and such contact games become a reason for abdominal trauma.

Types of Associated Traumas and Problems:

Kidney traumas have two major categories:

  • Blunt Trauma:

When someone sees blood in their urine then it’s a clear sign of blunt trauma. Such traumas might not show significant outside signs. However, bruises and cuts on the abdomen or near the kidneys could lead to this condition. Often car accidents and falls result in this condition.

  • Penetrating Trauma:

Anything that pierces human skin can lead to penetrating trauma. So if someone is wounded due to a penetrating knife, bullet, or some sharp object, they are at a high risk of developing this form of trauma.

Getting Tested for Kidney Injury:

Upon suspecting any kind of kidney injury, immediately contact a doctor. It’s important to determine the problem to find a cure. For this reason, doctors carry out various tests such as CT scans, ultrasounds, and an intravenous pyelogram.

Once the problem is highlighted, an efficient treatment plan is considered. If the patient is stable then surgery isn’t needed. Medication will be used till the victim isn’t fully recovered. However, if the blood loss is rapid then a quick surgery would be performed to save the damaged organ.

Visiting Experienced Doctors for Consultation and Treatment:

In case someone has experienced a crash or a massive fall, they should go to a doctor first. Car accidents in Columbus, GA can result in major health issues. It’s better to consult a good practitioner before things get complicated. At our clinic, you will find trained professionals who know exactly how to treat your condition.

They carry out necessary tests and suggest the best treatment plan accordingly. Our doctors care for their patient’s life and comfort. Call us today or book an appointment with our specialists.

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