What to Expect at AlaMed Injury Clinics

What to Expect at AlaMed Injury Clinics

What to Expect at Your Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation, you will meet with our medical team and discuss any injuries you have and how they occurred including any past medical procedures and your current health condition.

You will have a thorough examination to diagnose the specific cause of your pain and to help you understand your body’s mechanics. In addition to the physical exam, you may also be referred for an x-ray or MRI. An x-ray or MRI helps our medical team to diagnose the exact cause of your pain.


Receiving Follow-Up Treatments and Rehabilitation

After your initial treatment, you must follow AlaMed Injury Clinics’ doctor’s treatments, check-ups, and instructions. Our doctors give you strict orders, and if you fail to follow these orders, you open the door to arguments against your injuries. After all, you cannot claim that injuries are so debilitating that they affect your life, if you have no doctor’s follow-up appointments, or you ignore care instructions to recover.

During follow up appointments and treatments, AlaMed Injury Clinics’ doctors notate in your medical records how you are recovering, updates to their prognosis, and therapies you received. These records are extremely important because as you complete our doctors’ recommended therapies, your prognosis changes.

Your AlaMed Injury Clinics’ doctor’s notes help determine if you have a long-term disability from the accident or if you will make a full recovery.

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